We meet treatment requirements for out of state OVI’s

Assessment Services


Chemical dependency assessment ensures proper diagnosis and initial level of treatment.

Approximately one-hour evaluation

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Anger Management

$30.00 per session

Anger management treatment teaches techniques for coping with anger in order to develop a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle.

12 Sessions included

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Individual Counseling

$50.00 per session

Our one-on-one counseling for substance abuse and dependency related issues is designed to treat each client as a person rather than a disease.

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Intensive Outpatient Program
(Addiction Treatment)

$50.00 per session

Clients wanting the maximum benefit from treatment may want to take advantage of intensive outpatient treatment, which provides three meetings times each week.

Three Hours per session Addiction topics are discussed

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Non-Intensive Outpatient Program

$40.00 per session

For those with busy lives, we offer non-intensive treatment options with meetings only 1-2 times a week.

One hour sessions, focusing on education

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Intervention Services

$350.00 with a free initial consultation

Families have to stop making their loved one feel comfortable with their decision. Through a process, the addict will accept the family’s decision to no longer allow them to destroy their lives.

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Customized programs can be offered at different rates to fit individual needs. Please contact us for more information.