Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Who are New Direction’s Clients?

Our clients are a diverse mixture of individuals seeking a wide variety of treatments relating to substance abuse and addiction, dependency, emotional problems, and more.

• Clients are generally adults over 18. New direction does not treat adolescents or children in therapy groups. however assessments and  3 hour education groups can be provided for adolescents.

• Clients that are recommended to attend outpatient treatment ar new direction must be able to abstain from the use of substances in between sessions.Treatment programs consist of attendance at sessions 1-3 days per week.

2Why do New Direction’s clients seek treatment?

Usually our clients are experiencing pressure from external sources such as family members, labor unions or employers, diversion programs, in state or out of state offenses such as a DUI, Probation officers or family court. Some client see where they are headed and initiate the process of getting help sooner rather than later.

3How do I find out what treatment options are right for me?

An individual assessment is the first step to choosing the correct treatment path. Treatment options are discussed with the client and designed to meet the requirements of the referral source or special circumstances of the client.

4What’s the schedule like?
Having a Flexible schedule means that the client chooses which of the 6 available days that they can attend each weekand it can change from week to week. Available classes are held three different mornings, two evenings, & 1 afternoon.
Saturday classes are available so that work is not interfered with. There are very few programs that have this as an option.