Addiction Treatment Works!

Rising health insurance costs and state budget cuts have led to slowly whittling away the essential ingredients that make treatment successful. New Direction aims to keep quality a top priority. We focus on the success of each individual client. New Direction Treatment Services understands that there is a need for special attention for chronic relapsers, women, and issues specific to gays and lesbians.

Using a combination of individualized treatment planning, more one-on-one interaction, more treatment structure, along with alternative health practices, we can provide a different approach to treatment–one that actually works long-term. Clients are given a choice of preferences. This provides them with immediate involvement in their own program development. This increases the likeliness of continued progress.



Holistic Addiction-Related Services – New Direction is dedicated to providing new and different types of addiction services to the Greater Cincinnati Area. We provide services that are personally tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Holistic – Though our programs are not religious in content, the whole person is examined and all life areas are seen as being connected by the unifying force of the spirit.

Health and Wellness – A strengths perspective is used rather than a focus on problems. A positive approach provides positive results.

Complete Confidentiality – Independently owned and operated which does not use a health insurance database or receive state funding.

Support Groups – Alternative support groups are utilized in addition to conventional 12-step groups.

Who We Are

My name is Donna Waford and I am the executive director of New Direction Treatment Services. I have been working in the field of addiction since 1986. I decided to open up a treatment program that was affordable and free of the limitations and red tape that go along with taking state and federal fund or any other 3rd party payments. the only customers we have are the clients themselves.

We also have been able to personalize programs. We have added some new specialty features which seem to make treatment sessions interesting and fun. We use gentle nudging instead of confrontation. We are always looking for new ways to help facilitate healing of the mind body and spirit.

Donna Waford

Executive Director of “New Direction Treatment Services, LLC.”